Xiaoxiang Exhibition

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Antonietta Covino-Beehre’s recent works ‘Funny Money’ and ‘Lost on the Horizon’ will form part of the Xiaoxiang Exhibition of International Printmaking.
The exhibition opens 15 November through to 30 November 2015 at Mei Lun Gallery, Hunan Fine Art Institute Changsha, China.

The Xiaoxiang Exhibition of International Printmaking is co-curated between The School of Art Aberystwyth, UK, and Hunan Printmakers Association, Changsha Central South University and Changsha Normal University, China.
The exhibition will display the works of 80 artists (50 International / 30 artists from China) showcasing the best of contemporary printmaking including work by artists from China, UK and Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, and South America.

The exhibition will focus upon images that use innovative approaches to printmaking including intaglio, relief printing, screenprinting, lithography monoprint and digital – used singly or in combination as multi media / hybrid prints.

Further information regarding the exhibition can be found at http://www.paulcroft.org/xiaoxiang.html
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Funny Money, Digital Print
(16 panels 200x200), 800mm x 800mm)

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Lost on the Horizon, Digital Print
(16 panels 200x200), 800mm x 800mm)