All for One and One for All
My recent art practice has incorporated the use of multiple disciplines, printmaking, sculpture, drawing and photography. This cross mixing has been central to creating my images.
This exhibition for Impact 9 - “All for one and one for all” follows this cross mixing of ideologies.
It consists of a series of arrows hanging within a virtual enclosed vertrine boxes. The arrows have all been hand made with the use of text and symbols.
Several of the arrows have been left untreated and a selection have had ink rubbed into their masticated surface.
The ink within these surfaces has the appearance as if oozing from these depths thus giving shape to something more complex in understanding than its initial encounter.

The materials I have used for this project are important - they have been selected for their power to evoke feelings on many levels. It is like play of seduction - to draw the viewer close to its proximity, to examine the arrows and their symbolic significance as well as to decipher the words and marks on their body. Eliciting an exploration beyond materials or techniques and into the mind of thoughts and sensations.

This unconventional wall installation aims to provide a context for discussion, enjoyment and understanding of contemporary printmaking practices. With this said my aim has always been to broaden my visual practice and vocabulary the techniques gathered and extend this to the wider community, connecting and integrating distinctive creative methodologies - characteristic of contemporary art practice in addition of contemporary printmaking practices.
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